If icing is what you go for first when you get your slice of cake, then I'm affraid this place may not appeal to you... Then again, maybe it will because even without sugary frosting these cakes are sweet, sweet, sweet ...
You may be surprised to find that sweetness comes in many different forms and sizes... And the sweetness that I bring to your table is nothing but pure goodness.
The contents of the fruit basket on my dining table are the main ingredients I use in my cakes; dates in the place of sugar whenever possible. I use organic cream in fillings and avocado when making vegan cakes. For cheesecakes, I make my own cheese from scratch. I grind nuts and grains into flour myself for vegan cakes. I use only the best quality cocoa and organic fruit and organic eggs. I go a long way to make sure that all my ingredients are in their purest form and always fresh. It might be very time consuming, but it's worth it when you taste the result.
The tender sweetness of my cakes is something that you've never experienced before, because they are sweet without being really sweet, and they are so light, you'll never get tired of them. They look and are simply scrumptious!

My name is Edie. Sweet food is my obsession. And healthy eating is my obsession. Bringing the two together in a creative way is my mission. To me it's not just baking; it is ritual, it is art. And it is a life-long passion.