We've eaten them for years. In fact, Edyta's cakes have been part of our lives for almost a decade! They come from a tradition - a tradition of spending a childhood baking with her mother and sisters. Never mind the sustenance of soups, stews, whole meals....they made cakes. And they ate cakes. Those happy memories comes across in everything she prepares for our birthdays and holiday celebrations. It's like the stars lining up next to a full moon when she shows up with a cake made just because she wanted to with no special occasion attached- "I made a cake..."

Edyta has always worked with organic ingredients and as little sugar as possible throughout, and it only adds to our amazement. No mouth puckering sugars or granulated crusts - just good food. Her creations carry whimsy and freshness and remind us why "store bought" used to be a dirty word! Bite into a dream - these cakes take you to a time when sweetness was pure and good.

Aga and Armen Sarrafian, Chicago, IL

So you have a special occasion coming up ... where to get the cake? Do you know a good photographer? Working with Edyta answered both questions. Her cake turned my birthday into a truly memorable event. The artistic presentation, the ingredients, the flavors were incredible. While she is also an outstanding portrait photographer, I really appreciated the candid shots. In this world of multi-tasking and hectic schedules, it is great to know that I only need to make one call and my special events are taken care of. Edyta is the best!

Mark Kincheloe, San Antonio, TX

Edith's cakes are special because they are organic and beautiful yes. But they are also special because they are Edith! Never have I met a more talented person of such humility. All that talent pours forth in the multi-sensory art moment that is your first encounter with a fork-full of one of Edith's creations. Edith, your cakes have made me a better woman, a better Mom, and inspired me to explore all that health-food can be!

Katherine Rush, Evanston, IL

Dear Edie:
I have to tell you that was the most wonderful cake I've ever eaten. Everyone at the party raved about how delicious it was. Many asked what it was made from, because it had a different texture than other cakes. I'm trying to resist having a slice for breakfast. Thank you again for making such a beautiful cake. I will definitely be calling you for a cake in the future. Just wonderful!!

Michele Goodman, Evanston, IL

Your desert company is perfectly named as they truly are simply scrumptious! Thank you so much for the beautiful and delicious desserts. When you offered, I had no idea how much time, effort, and care you would put into creating them. Thank you so much! I have absolutely loved and enjoyed them!!!

Joy McAdams, Chicago, IL